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 Vincent Nightroad

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PostSubject: Vincent Nightroad   Wed Jun 26, 2013 11:15 pm

Name:Vincent NightRoad
Age: 550 years old
Gender: Male
Creature: Hybrid - werewolf, vampire.

Personality: Vincent is a keen, sly, and mysterious being. Once filled with darkness, he strives to change his past by protecting humans, instead of harming them, even if his vampiric needs tend to make that difficult. Vincent's main weakness is that he cares to much for the humans who only try to kill him. Instead of living extravagantly, Vincent chooses to share his wealth with the people he meets on his journeys.  Vincent can be a loner, and chooses to stay distant when his other side takes control.  Vincent is known for his loyalty and protectiveness towards his friends. Because of the betrayals he has experienced, Vincent finds it hard to trust anyone outside of his own circle of friends.

History: Raised in Italy, Vincent became attached to the interest of hunting vampires. He became a part of the Vatican, and worked hard to rise through the ranks. On one mission to hunt a suspicious incident, Vincent was bitten by a rare species, a hybrid. He was turned, and lived the first two centuries of his life in evil, consumed by the creature he had become.  Soon he was trained by one of his own kind to control himself, so he could choose what he wanted to be: whether that meant becoming good, or remaining evil.

Gf/Bf: None

Weapons: Katana
Abilities: becomes stronger, faster, and harder to harm after drinking blood, resistant to sunlight, Alchemy, Magicks, Transformation: human to Hybrid form.
Favorite item: His Lucky Black Rosary

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Vincent Nightroad
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