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 Tsuki Yamiyo

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PostSubject: Tsuki Yamiyo   Mon Jul 04, 2011 3:55 am

Name: Tsuki Yamiyo
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Creature: Human
Personality: When meeting someone for the first time, Tsuki can be very cold and blunt to the person. He tends to keep things to himself, and rejects anyone else's help. Over time, if he trusts the person, he will open up and treat the other person more warmly. He doesn't like to express emotions much, and when he does he becomes very embarrassed and insults the other person by habit. If he cares for someone, he'll protect them with his own life, and like a dog he will never leave their master's side.
BF/GF: No one currently.
Image: Standing at 5'7" tall, and weighing just 100lbs, he owns a very slim figure. He has silver colored hair with a long skinny braid(like a jedi tail). He has golden yellow eyes with deep, dark circles under them from lack of sleep, with a scar under his right eye. He has another scar on the middle of his chest and a stitch on his left hip. He has pale skin, but not pale enough to be considered sickly looking. He always wears a short, sleeveless black leather jacket, with a black tank top underneath, silver dog tags around his neck, and skinny black jeans with black leather boots with silver buckles on them. He also wears black leather fingerless gloves and a studded black bracelet on his left wrist. He always carries knifes with him in a black pouch attached to his right pants leg.
Abilities: He is good at stealing from others, dodging and also defending himself with his knives. He also has an excellent sense of hearing, and is able to hear many things from far away others cannot hear.
Favorite Item: His dog tags, and his knives.
Background: He was raised as an orphan in a foster home since his parents were killed in a fire when he was only nine years old. He was abused greatly by his caretakers in his foster home so at age twelve he ran away. He survived by pickpocketing and stealing, and greatly improved quickly. He steals for others for a place to rest, but ends up leaving before the sun rises, afraid of being killed or stolen from. He has a soft spot for animals, and is always followed by a loyal, female black cat named Minx.
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Tsuki Yamiyo
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