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 Raksha character

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PostSubject: Raksha character   Fri Feb 25, 2011 3:57 am

Name: Raksha
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Creature: Originally Raksha was a wolf, endangered species and wanted by man, a certain type of man. The scientists. After being captured and tortured in numerous ways. After a session gone wrong Raksha awoke after the drugs wore off to see he had skin instead of fur, hands instead of paws (although he had long claws). The only remaining wolf parts was his tail, ears, and fangs that stuck out between his human dental.

Personality:When he was a wolf, he was adventurous, confident and not scared of a challenge. But after year of captivity and endless experiments he began to grow violent, always snapping and slashing out at the scientists. He will appear scared at first, but give him time..if he gets free.

BF/GF: He had a mate, the only one left in his species. But after being separated he wonders if she is still alive, and holding his pups.




(But with the red ears and long red and black tail =_=)

Weapons: When in wolf form can use his claws but in both forms he can bite, and rip skin.
Abilities: When angry will turn into wolf form and will be aggressive. So, on other words, don't piss him off.

Favorite Item: A carved wolf necklace that was given by a native when he was living in the forest before he was captured. This meant a lot to him because of the trust that was developed between the little Native boy and Raksha himself.

I looked everywhere for you!

...I didn't want you to find me.

A puppet that lost its heart to the darkness.

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Raksha character
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