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 Koji, yo. ~

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PostSubject: Koji, yo. ~   Fri Feb 25, 2011 12:44 am

Koji Chisatou.


Male. He however tends to dress quite androgynous and he is often mistaken for a highschool girl.

Koji is an extremely powerful human with pyschic abilities.

In the point of view of another person, Koji would simply be described as odd. He doesn't like to communicate with others, but will if he has too. He spends alot of time outside by himself, meditating and doing other things. His feet are used to the feeling of the earth, so he never wears shoes unless walking around in the snow. But even then, he doesn't like it. He's out of touch with humanity, and hates the human race as a whole. Because of this he spends alot of time with other creatures like animals and reptiles found in the forest near his home. Koji is very picky when it comes to food, liking nothing that has been grown with pesticides. He lives at home with his parents, who are hardly ever home. Both his parents are at the top of their profession and are often out of the country, leaving Koji to fend for himself. He does have the company of his pet owl, Doughnut, however.

No one. He's never dated before nor been in love and has little to no expirence whatsoever in this particular area.

Picture not available. Will draw one later?
Koji has metallic purple hair, stunning blue eyes, and his skin is milky white. He has an extremly noticeable freckle/beauty mark above the right side of his lip. He is quite short for his age, standing at a height of 5'6. He isn't thin, nor chubby. He weighs 163 ibs. He is often compared to a porcelian doll because of his natural beauty.

Koji was born two weeks premature. When his mother was pregnant, she was actually expecting twins. He was born the first of the two, coming out more developed then a newborn should be. His purple hair was already at least four inches long, and his features were already distinctly developed. When his sibling-to-be popped out, there was a shock. The child was small, blue and lifeless. It was about quarter of the size that Koji was. Doctors came to the conclusion that Koji had somehow managed to absorb all the nutrients that should have been going to the other child, and grew bigger in place of his sibling. His family thinks this also lead to the gaining of his sixth sense as well.

Koji has no use for weapons.

Clairvoyance, psychometry and telepathy.

Favorite Item:
Doughnut, his pet owl.
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Koji, yo. ~
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