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 Come, my lovelies. Come to Mikio!

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PostSubject: Come, my lovelies. Come to Mikio!    Wed Jan 12, 2011 3:06 am

Name: Nataline Brook


Gender: Female

Creature: Human

Personality: She may look like the perfect little angel your mother or father would be so proud of, but she actually is, or can be, a real bitch. She doesn't like rude attitudes and gets straight to the point.

During the roleplay game her personality changes when around Mikio, to the point that she can't even say a proper insult. She soon realizes that she is changing, and wonders what would happen in her life.

Her emotions are like a roller coaster, so don't piss her off.

BF/GF: Mikio Kurosawa

Image: Below

Weapons: her lipstick, cunning wit.

Abilities: good in baseball and basketball

Favorite Item: Ipod, lucky charm bracelet

School Uniform:

Other outfits:

I looked everywhere for you!

...I didn't want you to find me.

A puppet that lost its heart to the darkness.

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Come, my lovelies. Come to Mikio!
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