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 Mikio. . w.;

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PostSubject: Mikio. . w.;   Wed Jan 12, 2011 12:47 am

Name: Mikio Kurosawa.
Mikio meaning 'Three trees together,' and Kurosawa meaning 'In a black swamp,'
He is mostly referred too as 'Kurosawa-sensei,' or simply, 'sensei,'
Age: 24.
Gender: Male.
Creature: Reaper. He likes to kill people.
Mikio is highly intelligent. He has a job as a school teacher in a normal high school. He teaches Language Arts. Mikio was born and raised in Russia, but has since moved from there to his current residence. When he was twelve, his parents were murdered by reapers. Since then he planned to avenge their death by becoming a reaper himself. His plan didn't work out the way he wished, and has since went crazy with power. He enjoys taking advantage of his students, luring them in with his good looks and feeding off their souls, to then he proceeds on erasing their memories. Although he looks calm and collected, he is insane. He hardly shows any emotions, and enjoys being a jerk to anyone who questions him.
Mikio also has many bad habits, such as smoking. Along with drinking, but he's not an alcoholic. He just likes Russian vodka.
BF/GF: Mikio doesn't see a need for a significant 'other', when you can have multiple! In the process of feeding off souls, he often takes advantage of them sexually as well. Even though he prefers men, he will take women too.
see bottom.
Mind wiping, soul reaping, and charm.
Favorite Item: His black diamond earring, an item of his mothers.

image: KAIN from Sex Therapist by Kodaka Kazuma.
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PostSubject: Re: Mikio. . w.;   Wed Jan 12, 2011 2:26 am

bwhehe... Accepted!

I looked everywhere for you!

...I didn't want you to find me.

A puppet that lost its heart to the darkness.

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Mikio. . w.;
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