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 Garrym's Proof Reading Advice

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PostSubject: Garrym's Proof Reading Advice   Sat Apr 10, 2010 1:42 am

Please remember to proofread your post, and use a spellchecker, before you hit the "post message" button. A misspelt word can totally ruin the tone of a piece. Why not write it up as a Word/Works Document, and then copy/paste onto the site.

That is unless your character is talking in dialect or slang, in which case speech marks should be used, or it is a deliberate pun, or play on words.

However, do not rely solely on your spellchecker.

Common mistakes include their, there, and they're, all spelt correctly, but used totally incorrectly.

If you aren't sure, why not get somebody else to read it?
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Garrym's Proof Reading Advice
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