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 RP 101.......etiquette for posting in a thread

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PostSubject: RP 101.......etiquette for posting in a thread   Mon Apr 05, 2010 8:17 pm

RP [ Role Play ] is a wonderful experience. One gets the chance to particapate in a story that is written by it's members. It is an extremely creative form of storytelling where one person can change the whole course of events with just a few words. That said, there are basic guidlines one should follow....

1) Stay in character.

Think about who your character is b/4 you join a RP thread. Once you do, stay in the accepted guidlines of that character.... ie, werewolves don't bite ppl on the neck and drink their blood. Vampires don't meet ppl in the park on a sunny afternoon.

This is not to say you cannot put a spin on things, but you can't go crazy with it. Differences should be stated in a character profile [ if needed by the site] or in you OP [ Opening Post]. This lets everyone know right from the get go. 'Goding' is frowned on...the sudden appearance of powers unknown b/4 that get you out of a jam or allow you to suddenly thawrt another's post. ie. suddenly be able to teleport yourself.

2) Follow the story.

Pay attention to what others have written. If everyone is in a park talking, you can't look at something out the window. This goes along w/ staying character as well. If you are a Vampire, you can't join them in the park on that bright sunny day even if they are all sitting under the shade of a tree.

3) If THEY didn't type CAN'T say they did.

While certain actions may be assumed.. ie, If you are meeting someone and pull up in your car you can assume that they get in. You can drive away and engauge them in conversation. You CANNOT, however add in their part of the convo untill they post it.

One should NOT ' put words in others mouths' nor have them do things unless you have communicated w/ them b/4hand. Example: A friend of mine was going out of town. She gave me permission to 'move her around and have her say things' as to allow the thread to move along in her abscence while keeping her character with us.

4) Go with the flow.

Things happen that you might not like. RP is a group experience and everyone has their own ideas as to what they wish to do. Sometimes this doesn't mesh with your plans, but like happens. This sort of goes along with following the story. While a good twist can be exciting, you also have to consider the group. ie. The group takes a shuttle down to a planet to explore. You had planned on attacking their ship in your next post. Attack them on the planet or wait for them to return. It doesn't matter how long you worked on that post you wanted to submit. If you atk an empty ship it will only be blown up and they will be trapped on the planet....and everyone will be pissed off.

5) Have fun and don't take what others say to heart.

RP is imaginary. You can be whoever and whatever you wish. Taking this into consideration, realize that someone may say or do something that hurts your feelings after reading it. PM [ Personal Message ] them. Most likely it is just part of the story and not a personal atk. If, however if it continues and you seriously believe that it is a flaming, Sites have Adnims. Tell them about your concerns. A well run site will resolve the problem, if there is one.
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PostSubject: Re: RP 101.......etiquette for posting in a thread   Mon Apr 05, 2010 9:07 pm

very good, Would you like me to move this to the Game rules.

Very well described x3
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PostSubject: Re: RP 101.......etiquette for posting in a thread   Mon Apr 05, 2010 9:50 pm

^.^ Indeed I would!!!...I was not allowed to post there. please add anything you wish to ..... or edit or w/e.... ^.^
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PostSubject: Re: RP 101.......etiquette for posting in a thread   

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RP 101.......etiquette for posting in a thread
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