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 The Game Rules

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PostSubject: The Game Rules   Tue Feb 23, 2010 2:00 pm

1. Always Read the person's Character Profile before typing your reply to a game. If there is a newcomer you joins a game you Must, I repeat MUST read his/her profile for the game.

2. Respect the other user's writing habits as said in the site rules. Other people have different writing techniques or descriptive manners than what you have. Do not be disrespectful because of this.

3. Always read the other users post clearly before posting a reply. Funny I know but most people don't read the other user's post slowly enough for their brain to process. Plus they don't refer back to the dialog in the other's post, instead they write dialog similar to what the other user said.

4. You must always have a Character Profile before joining a Role Play Game. This is just to let the other player know what his/her opponent or friend is, without having his Character know. It also helps in describing the other user's character instead of having a guessing game of what he/she looks like.

5. Please put in a lot of detail in your writing, it gives the players and readers more excitement if you write more and pry into the character's thinking and emotions. It lets the people know what the character is thinking and may also help a gamer describe the others emotions they may see through body language or facial features.

***For further Rules please visit RP101:
RP 101 ***
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The Game Rules
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