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 Life-Time Curse

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PostSubject: Life-Time Curse   Fri Apr 02, 2010 11:32 pm

Finally, the last bell rung and the classmates filed out from Mathematics into the flow of students in the hall. I quite frankly liked to take my time through the halls. Mostly just the piss people off who think it’s fun to just stop in the middle of the hall and talk, while some of us do need to be places. Instead of my usual routine, I needed to be out of school fast. My mother was picking me up to have an afternoon of girl fun.

“Now if only these damn girls moved out of my way,” shit was that out loudThe girls shot me a foul glare, oh God. Wrong people to piss of today. “Excuse me?” Mariana said coolly, her jaw muscle twitching, trying to hold back a snarl.

“I’m sorry was that my outside voice? Terrible me, listen I’m in a hurry now if you will excuse meeeee” I tried to keep my voice as nonchalant as I could but that wasn’t working. Quickly flashing a friendly grin I snuck around them not daring to look back and out the main doors.

Mother’s 1996 Chevy was in sight and I picked up my pace, slamming the car door as I plopped down in the passenger seat. “Hi sweetie, how was school,” My mother’s Southern accent chimed. I never got how my mother could have such a great accent and mine was dull, no hint of anything, maybe a southern accent but no one thought I was Southern. With my face showing no signs of a tan people thought I was some brit fellow.

“ School was fine mom.” Why do parents always ask that question? What are they, detectives?

“That’s good. Now. Where do you want to head first? I hear they’re having a sale at Stitches,” she quickly added, “I could get you some more jeans and a new top maybe.”
“Uhh, sounds great,” Flashing a smile at mom and turning my head to the window to let my smile drop. Stitches again?

Once my mom finally got out of the school parking lot we drove drown to the mall. Took me exactly one hour to rush out of stitches with a bag full of new outfits, which brought a successful grin to my face. We stopped at a few other places for my mom to go shopping. Her curved body made her look 20 when she was actually a thirty-year-old single mother. Jet-black hair was pulled into a tight ponytail today making her high-aligned cheekbones show their true beauty.

We stopped at Jack’s Drive-in for a quick early supper and head back home finally. Knowing mom we will stop at Movie Gallery, grab a few movies and pig out on popcorn will watching them. And yeah your probably wondering if we’re fat or not. Go ahead and think that although your thinking may be wrong. We’re average weight, not to fat no to skinny got it? Sure enough Movie Gallery pulled up in front of us and she exited the car coming back with a stack of movies. Park herself in the drivers seat and tossed me a few movies. “Thought you might like them, they’re anime,” She didn’t sound so enthusiastic about the movies. Probably because she thinks anime is a waste of valuable time.

Mom turned down Alms Street and onto the Highway. My stomach flipped, I had no clue why. Probably just the food we had, maybe it was to greasy or something. Whatever. Peeling my eyes from the side window I looked to the front just in time to see a.... thing with sparkling wings pop in front of us. My mother screamed, “Deer!” I was trying to tell her it wasn’t but my throat was tight. Mom swerved hitting the railing, whipping my head around to the side I saw the creatures eyes. They were bright blue, with matching wings to prove it. And it was looking at me, not just the looking at me fully. Its eyes were locked with mine and it raised it finger, pointing at me. Another scream came from my mom and the Truck went on its side. I felt like I was in a dryer, everything was a blur I saw something red in front of me. Crunching noises and metal bending made it hard to concentrate. I couldn’t keep my vision from blackening. Finally the creaking stopped and everything just darkened.
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Life-Time Curse
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